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Shingeki no Kyojin + LOTR quotes. Inspiration (x

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Legend of Korra | Book 4: Balance Official Trailer | Nick

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such a needed campaign. i wish they’d have included native americans as well, though, as cultural appropriation of them in costumes is just as awfully common.

It’s that time of year again when these go around. And I will keep reblogging them. And if I see the joke ones I am likely to rip them apart with prejudice.

I will reblog this every year and unfollow anyone who posts joke fandom spinoffs of this very serious and important commentary.

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the town of storybrooke gets frozen ... over (x)

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my math teacher: *pulls out dollar bill* how much is this worth?

Students: $1

teacher: *folds bill in half* how much is this worth now?

students: $1

teacher: *folds bill in half again* how much is it worth now?

students: $1

teacher: what about if I crumple it up and throw it on the ground? Will someone pass by it and say, "Ooh, a dollar, but I won't pick it up because it's all crumpled and dirty"?

students: No, because it's still worth a dollar.

teacher: Exactly. No matter how much a human goes through or how much they do, they're still worth the life of a human.